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Emiliano Eva, born in 1978, was a musician Tronchin Denis, born in 1977, was a graphic designer (web designer). Both were flown to Milan to Quito July 28, 2006 to determine the Shuar Indian shamanic practices and experience ayahuasca (or yagé) (1). They had to be back in Italy on August 19. Denis became interested in shamanism surfing the Internet. Through the website "The Drum of the shaman," he was connected with Francesco Giorgio, an Italian shaman, which directs its customers to Ecuador after preparing for his lectures, courses or "seminars". Emiliano and Denis have befriended a few months earlier, during a meeting of this type. During the flight leading to Caracas where they had to stop before flying to Quito, the two friends were introduced to Clarissa, a young Venezuelan, who showed them some places to visit. On August 5, the day before the disappearance of two young men, the latter received an email written in Spanish where Denis told him Emiliano live with "a strong ritual, with three days of fasting," the time "was" really hard " that he would tell all this verbally to his return, because even in Italian it would be very complicated to explain. Gallery Recreational Lotus Dried Flowers Dried Asian Flowers Dried Lotus Anadenanthera Colubrina Viable Seeds Always read the label Recreational Rivea Corymbosa Seeds

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